When many people think of Seth Rogen, they think of what he looked like in his hit films Knocked Up and The 40-Year-Old Virgin – a heavy-set man with bad facial hair in need of a Queer Eye-level make-over.

Well it seems that the actor has grown up. These days, at 37, he is a bigwig in Hollywood, not only acting and writing but developing movies, penning a book of essays and raising money for the charity he created that benefits Alzheimer’s patients and research.

On top of that, Rogen just appeared on the cover of GQ, showing off his latest look.

The pics, which were taken on a beach, show a svelte Seth, his beard trimmed perfectly, looking so sexy that the shots are leaving everyone who sees them thirsty.

The same is true of a set of photos taken from above as Rogen lounges on a towel.

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For people whose casual impression of Seth Rogen begins and ends with the gallery of quasi-employed, stoned men-children he played in his 20s, it might be hard to fully comprehend that he, now 37, is a legitimate Hollywood operator and entrepreneur in his own right, with a career that extends well beyond acting and writing. In addition to developing, writing, and acting in his own film projects, Rogen produces television, does voice work, and with his wife, Lauren Miller-Rogen, created @hilarityforcharity, a series of comedy shows that's raised millions for Alzheimer's care, support, and research. He's also writing a book of essays, due out in 2020. That lingering low-achieving persona of his old characters, though, might be a blessing, since it has provided a cover against public scrutiny and raised expectations for Rogen, the human, who arrived in Hollywood as a teenager and hasn't stopped working since. The man, like the myth, may be a burner, but he's also a machine. Read more at the link in bio. (📸@sebastianmader) #NewGQ #sethrogen

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Not surprisingly, the Internet was pretty excited by all the pics:


As for Seth’s reaction? He was just happy to see his dog on the cover of the men’s magazine:

Article: Dave Basner

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