A new device is about to release which could charge your smartphone to 100% in under 2 minutes! The company, StoreDot, behind the device is very close to finishing the product, having just recently showed off their prototype. The company boasts that the nanotech device is smaller and doesn’t add any bulk to the smart phone. 

In their demo for Mashable, they demonstrated how the device could charge the Galaxy s5 from almost empty to 100% in under 2 minutes. 

StoreDot CEO Doron Myersdorf says the reason they can achieve these results is because they took a completely different approach when creating the devices battery. Rather than trying to improve the capacity of the battery itself the company redesigned the internal structure of the battery so it can charge rapidly. The sacrifice however is that the overall battery life is shorter, lasting about 5 hours. 

Watch it work here!

“This is not trivial, it took us a lot of research,” Mysersdorf said. “This is a design that is trying to achieve something that was not the goal before. Nobody thought about giving you less energy ,everybody thought about giving you more energy.”


Source: Mashable

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