Over the weekend, my best friend and I decided to watch the new Netflix film, Secret Obsession.

Her boyfriend also joined us and from the get-go, he wasn’t thrilled that THAT was the movie we’d picked for a Sunday night viewing. To be fair, we didn’t give him the option to suggest anything else…

He was actually so not into the movie, he chose to wear her pink headphones and watch another movie on his laptop in the living room – while rattling off facts like the below to us:

“It’s gotten 4.3/10 on IMDb”

“AND 33% on Rotten Tomatoes”

But my favourite comment from him was:

“Guys, I can’t believe you’re actually watching this.”


I think we heard that about 10 times…

Look, the movie wasn’t great – but it was one of those movies that’s so bad, it’s good.

To sum it up in one sentence: it’s about a girl who wakes up with amnesia and her husband takes care of her… but all is not as it seems.

Thrilling stuff.

As you watch it, you realise that bits are predictable.

And you’re faced with SO many questions:

  1. Why does she eat so many scrambled eggs for breakfast?
  2. Why is her husband allowed to identify his wife purely by her tattoo and not by showing ID?
  3. Who is the man with the flowers?!

Anywho, many people have taken to Twitter ask their questions so if you’ve seen the movie, you’ll no-doubt be able to relate to the below!




If you haven’t watched it yet, add Secret Obsession to your must-watch list.

It’s trash-tastic and wonderful and bad and good and great all at the same time.

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