We’ve all been caught short.

Like, more often than we would ever want to admit.

We all get nervous when we have to just run in to somewhere, usually a pub or restaurant, and make our way through just to go to the loo.

Some places will have ”customer only” toilets and we just have to deal with that and hold it in a little bit longer.

However, a pub in Fitzroy has taken it to the next level.

The Stone Hotel is currently copping it after the updated their policy and said ”toilets are for patrons only”.

That’s fine. We can’t go in just for the loo, no big deal.


It’s the next line that’s the issue.

It carries on and says ”if you must use them, there will be a charge of $4.50.

That’s right. Just to have a pee, we have to pay $4.50.

The pub must get a bit of traffic as it sits on the corner of Johnston and Brunswick Street but really? FOUR FIDDY?


It’s time to download the Find A Loo app, Melbourne, before we all become bankrupt from taking a wee.