Natalia Kills strikes again.

Along with husband Willy Moon, Kills was booted from the judging panel of New Zealand’s X Factor after her merciless bullying of a contestant, Joe Irvine, who she claimed was stealing Moon’s “look”.

The 28-year-old posted a picture on Instagram today of children’s cartoon Dora the Explorer, repeating some of the comments that got her fired.

Fans weren’t too impressed, with one writing, “I swear there’s something wrong with her” and another imploring her to “stop trolling”.

“Excuse me but Dora was way famous before u. Just try to accept it and move on,” wrote another. “You really are pathetic.”


Moon also posted on Instagram referencing the incident, just hours later.

Outfit for the day. Don’t steal my look!

A photo posted by Willy Moon (@itswillymoon) on

Kills and Moon have been replaced on The X Factor by Natalie Bassingthwaite and Shelton Woolright. 

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