Move over Gluten Free Singles, there’s a new (way more tasty) food-based match-making online service, app Sizzl. Forget having to cite annoying credentials like belief systems and life values, you just need to tick one very important box: Do you like bacon? Yes, or no? If you tick no, get outta here. If you ticked ‘yes’, Sizzl has bacon-loving singles waiting for you to make brunch dates with.

The iTunes description says it all:

“Sizzl is the only dating app exclusively for bacon lovers. Because why should you settle for someone who doesn’t love bacon?” It’s a pretty hard logic to argue with.

The app also encourages users to further focus narrow their love search to specific bacon-areas of interest…

“Pork? Turkey? Both? Crispy? Chewy? Burnt? In both love and bacon, it’s good to know what you like.”

So, if you’re achin’ for some bacon, and love, you might have just found your own salty, delicious dating utopia.

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