Having kids can be the best of times and the worst of times.

While the love and amazement you feel on a daily basis is like nothing else, it can also put a strain on other areas of your life.

From lack of sleep to questioning your own role in this crazy world, parenthood is an experience that turns everything upside down.

Especially when it comes to your relationship with your partner.

It may be for better, or worse, or maybe both. But there’s no denying things do change.

Perhaps that’s why this Facebook post from blogger Mel Watts is going viral.

Her raw and honest account of how her relationship has changed is pretty darn relatable as far as we’re concerned.


But don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself.

Here are five of our fave parts from Mel’s post…

#1 It’s not all roses and handcuffs

“He was snoring his busy week away and I was wide awake thinking of all the things we used to do. How different we use to be. I was mad at him for changing. I was mad at myself for changing. It is no ones fault. Its just a moment in our life where I can say – it’s not all roses and handcuffs.”


#2 If I stay still long enough…

“The late nights are now laying there silently with our backs to each other hoping the other one will get up for the crying baby.”

#3 The texts get VERY honest…

“The text messages that use to read about how much they love you and why. Now they’re more likely “ Babes got my period, get pads – wings. Don’t forget the bloody wings. Hazelnut magnums, not the minis that means I have to eat three, I’d rather just eat two big ones. And whatever you and the kids want for dinner. Can’t cook dying.”.”


#4 Your priorities change, but not forever…

“The children have become the number one priority and at some point we need to learn to put our relationship towards the top of that priority list. I think in time it will become that way again. You have to make it past these difficult times to get there. It’s not that its even difficult, its just different. And sometimes different is really hard.”

#5 Sometimes hairy and cranky is all you can do…

“Is the romance dead? No. Its very much alive but it also has another 3 humans involved it’s not as easy anymore. Do I think he deserves more? Of course I do. He deserves the world when at this moment all I can give him is a hairy, cranky wife.”


h/t Metro

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