Back in their day, online hookup apps weren’t a thing – but this mum got a taste of what it’s like when her son unleashed the world of Grindr upon her.

Irish radio journalist Riyadh Khalaf downloaded the Grindr app and left it to gather messages over a period of three weeks, and then let his mum read them out loud on camera.

The results are, expectedly, hilarious, as mum Lorraine discovers just what it’s like to be a young person using dating and hookup apps in the 21st century – and the sleazy territory that often comes along with it.

Riyadh told Buzzfeed, “I was terrified about what she was about to discover on my phone.

“I was especially worried about pictures of male appendages. She did see a few but because I’m the best son in the world, I cut those clips out. They are hilarious – you’ll just have to trust me on that one.”

Neither Riyadh nor Lorraine had seen any of the messages before the camera started rolling, so these reactions are totally natural.


The 24-year-old says that the exercise was the best laugh he and his mum had had in a long time.

Kind of adorable, no?