Warning: Contains Offensive Language

Harry McGurk thought it would be a good idea to surprise his mother after being away for two years. 

The 25-year-old turned up at his house in Fulham in South-West London, walked through the door and caught his mother’s priceless reaction all on camera. 

His mother thought her son would be away for another two years and this was the last thing she was expecting.

Upon seeing her son, she fell to the ground, screaming and covered her face.  She eventually jumped up and ran over to Harry to give him a big hug. She then pulled away to give her son a good look and the first words she was able to get out were “You C***!”. 

Harry told the Daily Mail, “The original plan was to travel for another two years and fly to New Zealand but my passport was soon to expire, I thought I would come home, surprise her and renew my passport before I head off again.” 

Watch the moment here! 


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