Mothers are divided over this one.

A mother-of-two, known as Xuli, has asked the Mumsnet forum whether it was ‘weird’ to not feel like she missed her 11-day-old son while she was out with her five-year-old daughter.

‘Reading Mumsnet about leaving babies, most people seem to say they could barely leave theirs for an hour when they were weeks old,’ she wrote.

‘I’m wondering now if it’s weird I was so happy to leave a newborn?’

The post has received over 150 replies from other mothers, and the results were divided.

The mother says that she was gone at the cinema with her four-year-old for three hours and her baby was at home with her husband. The baby was formula fed, and the mum says she ‘loved’ spending time with her daughter.

While some mothers didn’t think it was ‘weird’ others said that it was strange she could go without thinking of her baby.


‘I think it’s strange, I haven’t left my six-month-old yet, but I’m sure plenty of people would find that odd,’ one woman wrote.

‘Everyone is different. I couldn’t do it. I also have an older child.’

Another said she had no problem with her spending time away from her baby, but did find it weird her newborn didn’t cross her mind while she was away.

‘My dd [dear daughter] is two and I think about her most of the time when I’m away from her,’ she said. 

One mother summed it up perfectly, saying ‘’It’s up to you really and if you feel okay then do it.’