With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, there are many romantic stories circulating on social media. 

When a hotel competition asking people to submit their most romantic Valentine’s Day stories in order to win an amazing weekend away, Christian Willenborg entered. 

He posted a pre-surgery selfie saying “You gave me life, and now it’s my turn to give it back”. 

Christian was in hospital to give his fiancee, his ‘perfect match’ a kidney. 

His fiancee Errin was born with one poor-functioning kidney. 

Tragically, Errin’s father planned on donating his to her, but was recently diagnosed with kidney cancer and died. 

It is understood Errin is currently in isolation recovering but is ‘on the mend every day’ thanks to her ‘perfect gift’. 


Now that, is true love. 

Delta Bessborough, your #valentinesday contest asks for a favourite love story. This is not my story but I hope you will…

Posted by Faye Bouchard on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

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