Amber Rachdi is a 24-year-old girl from Oregon, who is almost entirely normal.

The only thing different about Amber is that at her heaviest, she weighed an unhealthy 292 kilograms.

By the time she was 11-years-old Amber weighed 69 kilos, the weight of an average adult woman.

It was 19 years later that she hit her rock bottom. Her body was in constant pain due to the excessive weight she was carrying around and she was virtually housebound.

It wasn’t until doctors warned Amber that she could be dead by 30 that she decided to take action.

‘Sometimes I think to myself I’m never going to change,’ she admitted before her life-saving bariatric surgery. ‘Everything hurts. I am so limited in what I can do and where I can go.

‘I feel trapped. I’m miserable. I don’t like being this person. I don’t like being this size. Sometimes I feel so hopeless, I feel that it’s not worth it. That maybe it would be better if I’d never been born.’


Unlike most obesity cases, Amber says that her excess weight is due to eating too much unhealthy food.

She does have similarities to others suffering from obesity.

Her ‘unhealthy’ relationship is mostly linked to emotional eating, and she says that she suffers anxiety due to the worry she suffers about what she’s going to eat and when she’s going to eat it.

‘There’s anticipation before I eat but it’s not enjoyable. It’s a feeling of desperation and sadness. Food is a comfort and it’s helping me avoid reality. I have a lot of anxiety and I don’t like it,’ she said.

‘I’m at peace while I eat. I don’t have to think about how I have let everyone around me down. It’s a distraction.’

When Amber had lost the 7 kilos she needed in order to look at surgical options, she went under the knife and received life-saving gastric surgery. Since then she’s lost 127kgs.


She is now half her former body weight and can now drive, shop for herself and enjoy her life alongside boyfriend Rowdy.

See a sample of the show My 600lb Life below…

Good luck Amber!

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