Well we hope you were listening to the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning Mr Matt Agnew because looks like Monique finally admitted to saying the ‘Dog See You Next Tuesday’ line.

After being accused of using the derogatory term during the Bachelor this week, Monique denied it wholeheartedly, leaving our Bachie Matt quite frustrated.

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O just yesterday, Matt admitted that he wasn’t so much mad about the words that were used, but about the fact that Monique refused to own up to it.

By the end of it, I didn’t even care that it was said,” Matt said to us. “It’s not my place to decide how someone reacts, I personally think it was strong… It was the lying and dishonesty that really was the bigger issue.”

But this morning, it was a bit of a different story. After being asked to leave the mansion before the rose ceremony last night, Monique and fellow evictee Vakoo joined Kyle and Jackie O in studio this morning to discuss the dramatic incident.

Monique explained to us exactly what happened from her point of view, admitting that she said it but in a joking manner and that the C-word is actually something she uses with people she loves.

“Look, it’s a word that I use to my friends, to people I love. Do I say it in a harmful manner to anyone? Absolutely not,” Monique told us.


She went on to explain what actually was said and why around the pool, seeing as it was never actually shown on camera. She told us that it was said in a joking manner after the girls were all upset about Abbie kissing Matt at the cocktail party.

“Long story short was, Abbie obviously wasn’t the first person to kiss at the cocktail party but hardly anybody knew that,” Monique continued.

“There were a lot of girls in the house that were amazing women and their self worth was getting lowered because you know, they’d been there and hadn’t had a chat with Matt since they got on the red carpet. So they were like, ‘Oh maybe I’m not good enough’ and I’m like ‘No you are’ and was getting very defensive about it.”

“So the next day we were all by the pool, this is our sacred time not being filmed, and we had a bit of discussion, I was sort of mediating and at the end of it I was like, ‘We’re going to have to agree to disagree’. Let’s just end the conversation.

Monique explained that she then went over to the pool with Rachel where the C-word was thrown around.

“We’re having a bit of a laugh as we do. I was just like, you know, ‘Dog C act’, stuff like that, but we were laughing,” Monique told us. “Just chit chat.”


Despite the fact that she claims she was only joking, the incident ended up getting Monique booted from the mansion.

We don’t think there’s too much love lost here though… Monique didn’t seem all too phased about Matt, seemingly admitting that he was a nice guy but she wasn’t feeling that much of a connection.

Hear more from our chat with Monique and Vakoo in the video above!