It seems to happen every year.

Another beauty pageant contestant tripped up during her onstage interview when she was asked a random question about how she would solve one of society’s many problems.

At the Miss USA pageant in Las Vegas on Sunday, Miss California Nadia Meijia stumbled while answering a question about how to solve economic inequality.

During the pageant, the top five finalist are required to answer an onstage question. Each question is different and they only have 30 seconds to deliver a response. 

The question that was asked was ”One of the biggest challenges facing the United States is social and economic inequality. How do we narrow the gap between the rich and poor?”

Standing still in a flowing tangerine gown, the full-time model paused for five seconds before saying ”When it comes to social and economic inequality, I think that the rich and the poor need to stop being so segregated. I think there is a middle class. I think that the rich need to…”


She then paused for a long breath before regaining composure and saying ”I think that the rich need to be able to be giving, and I think the poor need to work hard. And I think the middle class need to come together and find an in between.”

Before she could fully finish the buzzer went off and that was the last we saw of Miss California as she didn’t make the top three.