While on her European tour, Australian singer-songwriter Amy Shark has taken to Twitter to express her heartbreak after an incident during a travel leg.

Two people were found hiding in the luggage compartment of the tour bus, which was travelling from Brussels to London.

When discovered, both of the people walked away without saying word.

When speaking with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Shark said, “hey didn’t threaten us or say a word – they just walked away when found”.

On Twitter she also said, “I didn’t think this stuff happened. I’m so naive hey. Everyone’s OK though.”

One Twitter user questioned Shark’s use of the word ‘scary’.


“The situation is scary. I feel for them, a very dangerous way to chase a new life. It’s heartbreaking but the bus is also my home when I’m on the road and I didn’t expect to find people hiding in it.”

In the most recent months, there has been an increased number of migrants trying to cross the English Channel.

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