Michael Klim is one of Australia’s most celebrated sportsmen.

The father-of-three is also now becoming known as one of pioneers of the skincare world, after launching Milk and Co with his now ex, Lindy Klim.

The pair have three kids together; Stella, Rocco and Frankie and are now trying their very best to make their new arrangement work.

However, as with any split, the part where it can get tricky is when new partners are brought onto the scene, which is precisely what’s happened with Michael and Lindy Klim.

Speaking to Kyle and Jackie O, when asked about Lindy’s new partner, Michael shut off completely, before urging Kyle to move on with the chat.

Kyle then asked if he knew his name or is he was a nobody, to which Michael laughed and told Kyle to move on. Eeeeek.


Kyle then asked about Michael’s new partner, which is fairly new and he said things were going well. When asked about marriage however, Michael said he’s not event thinking about that yet as it’s “early days”.

Michael’s new romance is with designer Desiree Deravi, who accompanied him on a recent Bali trip, and has even apparently met his kids!

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