A Malaysia Airlines towelette has wash up on a Western Australia beach and is now being examined to determine whether it could have come from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. 

The small pre-moistened paper towel has been shipped to Canberra for further testing.

The couple who discovered the towelette said it was “unopened, which was very unusual.” 

Experts say it is possible for the small pack to travel very long distances. 

It has been one year since MH370 disappeared with 239 people on board. 


The Boeing 777 dropped off civilian radars when its transponder and other equipment were switched off shortly after takeoff from Kuala Lumpur, on March 8th of last year. 

The disappearance was declared an accident by the Malaysian government. 

The plane was believed to have gone down in the Southern Indian Ocean off the coast of Western Australia. 

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