Meshel Laurie appeared on ‘The Project’ on Friday night and joked that Australia should be ”fattening up” for winter.

She received a few messaged on her Facebook fan page regarding the joke from people from members of the public.

One said to her ”you just told us on the project to fatten up for winter. Look in the mirror and maybe hibernate fatso.”

When Meshel responded to the message she received an instant apology, with the user admitting he missed the point of the joke.


However, there was one encounter that has continued. 

Another guy messaged her saying she is ”a very very unattractive and talentless woman”.

When Meshel responded saying the guy should delete his Facebook he continued to abuse her saying ”try cutting back on the KFC, the chocolate and fizzy drink and instead of spending endless hours watching the telly and slouched on the sofa like a beached whale, go for a walk.”

Once Meshel called him out on social media, she admits that it created a lynch mob amongst her fans and she feels bad the guy has now had to delete his social media presence.

However, Meshel had one piece of advice for everyone in Australia and that is ”do not tell people you hate them online, it doesn’t make you seem like a big person”.

It’s very wise advice and although Meshel says she is ”not hurt” by the experience, she can see how others would be.

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