Meshel Laurie was at the centre of heaps of online abuse over the weekend following her joke on The Project that she wanted to see Australia ”fatten up” for winter.

She received a few messaged on her Facebook fan page regarding the joke from people from members of the public.

One said to her ”you just told us on the project to fatten up for winter. Look in the mirror and maybe hibernate fatso.”

When Meshel responded to the message she received an instant apology, with the user admitting he missed the point of the joke.

Yesterday evening, Meshel issued an apology for her actions on her personal Facebook page, after she spoke to one of the people who sent her a message.

Meshel said ”I launched an attack against strangers who attacked me. I did it to prove I wasn’t disempowered by their abuse, but in so doing, wielded power over them. They were abused by thousands of strangers, they were scorned by friends and family, which was my hope when I made their messages public. Having achieved my aim though, and having had the opportunity to hear how successful I’d been in causing these men humiliation and scorn, I’m just left feeling like I missed the point.”


Admitting that she had done wrong, she went on to delete the posts and said ”Whenever I encounter sad, lonely, isolated people in any other context I do my best to show them kindness. It’s what I should’ve done in this instance and what I will endeavour to do from now on. I’m disappointed in myself, but tomorrow’s another day.”

Meshel has apologized to both people that she named personally and wishes she had thought it through better.

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