Who doesn’t love an outdoor cinema? Add a bed and you’ve got the perfect combination, right?

Mov’in Bed brings in 150 queen size beds with LED-lit bedside tables, some super comfy pillows and even a good ol’ blankie in case it gets chilly for the perfect cinematic experience.  

For the past four years, Mov’in Bed has converted Sydney-siders to the idea, and are now ready to take on Melbourne!

According to Mov’in Bed’s founder Vincent Hernandez, the popularity around the idea revolves around the experience of it, rather than the novelty of it.

“It’s like going to the Gold Class or Lux at a traditional cinema, except that you are enjoying some fresh air while lying under the stars in a comfy bed with pillows, blanket and a glow side-table [for] your drinks and your food,” he told Financial Review


Tickets for a single bed with pillow and blanket will set you back $36.90 but if you’re after a deal and up for sharing your bed with two others, a trio bed ticket costs $93.90.

While we don’t have word on the exact dates, venue or line-up, this is an experience not to be missed. 

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