If you’ve been wondering why you’ve had to dig out your mid-winter clothes, coats and jackets again, wonder no more! Melbourne has recorded its coldest four day stint this late in November on record, which goes back 167 years.

This past weekend, the state suffered through heavy rains, piercing winds, thunderstorms and even snow! 15cm of snow was measured at Falls Creek over the weekend, and severe weather warnings were issued across the state, leaving thousands of Victorians without power. Temperatures dropped to as low as 14 degrees, and with an overnight low of only 7.6 degrees on Sunday.

Image credit: Instagram/ Falls Creek Resort

This cold snap comes only two weeks after a wild storm hit Victoria on the 28th of November, causing mass power outages and damage across the state.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, the forecast for the coming week is looking a lot milder, with temperatures likely to average 18 degrees on the weekend. However, with rain set to continue over the next few days, your summer wardrobe might have to wait a bit longer!