They’re two of the best looking women in the world, and now the world can breathe a sigh of relief – as we can be sure that the next generation will be JUST as striking as Brit IT girls Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne.

10-year-old Harley Chapman, who looks just like Delevingne, and 12-year-old Maya Koski-Wood, who is just like a mini Moss have been recruited by watch brand, Withings, to recreate the iconic Burberry shots taken of Moss and Delevingne last year.

The mini models are clad in very similar Burberry Trench Coats as the iconic shots of the supermodels for My Burberry, a campaign for one of the latest scents from the prestige powerhouse.

The connection is actually quite intruiging. The watch that the pint-sized pair are sporting in the photos has been labelled the ‘younger sister’ of the original version, so the brand decided to recruit mini supermodel lookalikes for the new campaign.


10-year-old Chapman understands what a break like this could mean for her future. “It has been so much fun recreating such famous shots by one of the world’s top models. I have been told I look like the spitting image of Cara before – if I can be half as successful in my career I’ll be really happy.”

Images supplied and via Marie Claire

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