New mum Breanna Sykes, from Carramar, in Perth has given birth to her first child, a boy, Ziad who weighed in at a whopping 6kgs!

According to Perth Now, Ziad is one of the heaviest babies delivered in Western Australia.  

Ziad’s size is so rare that when mum Breanna gave birth via caesarean, doctors from all over Joondalup Health Campus flocked to the delivery suite to see him.

‘One of the doctors said to me he’s the biggest baby he has seen in his 15 years as a doctor,’ Ms Sykes has said.

The average weight of a newborn baby is just over three kilograms, Ziad’s weight at 5.9kgs or 13.2 pounds is well above this, around the size of a normal three month old.

Side-by-side comparison of other newborns and baby Ziad. 


Perth Now reported that doctors have assured Breanna that her ‘chunky’ newborn, is ‘perfectly healthy’ and genetics may have contributed to his more than above average size. 

‘They have done all these tests and all the blood work, he’s perfectly healthy,’ Ms Sykes said.

Ms Sykes arrived at Joondalup Health Campus on Saturday night at around 7:15pm to give birth and had not planned to have a c-section. Doctors became concerned about the pain Breanna was experiencing that culminated in an anxiety attack and deciding a general anaesthetic was going to be best for mother and child.

‘They said he is just not going to fit, if I try and push the baby he could break my pelvis so I had to get a caesarean unfortunately,’ she told Nine News.

‘But he’s here safe and happy… that’s all that matters,’ she added.

Ms Sykes and Ziad are expected to go home on Tuesday.


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