With more and more shows being put on hold amid the coronavirus pandemic, we’re starting to worry that soon there will be nothing left for us to watch to keep us all entertained during self-isolation.

Luckily, one show that has promised to go ahead is Masterchef Australia with their brand new ‘Back To Win’ season.

The long-running Channel 10 show is not only bringing new judges this season but they’re also changing up the format by bringing back all past contestants for another shot at the winning title.

While Masterchef is due to start airing on Monday April 13 at 7:30pm, new judge Andy Allen revealed to Kyle and Jackie O this morning that they haven’t actually finished filming the show. In fact, they’re only about halfway through the season!

So it begs to question, how will they finish filming the series amid the new coronavirus restrictions? Will the show have to be put on hold too?


Andy told us that they won’t stop filming because they’re actually considered “essential” and instead they’ve put their own rules in place.

“Aren’t you guys lucky that you got this filmed before the coronavirus isolation thing hit,” Jackie said to Andy.

“We’re actually about halfway through Jackie,” Andy revealed. “So one thing that you will see is it’s pretty evident, and we make reference to it, that we’re filming this while the restrictions are in place.

“We’re an essential business where production is essential, entertainment is essential, so you will see it’s a bit of a different scene halfway through the series.”


Apparently we will see things like contestants wearing gloves while getting food from communal areas and all cast staying at least 2 metres apart from each other.

“We’re following all of the guidelines that the government’s put in place, we’re being super safe, because we really want to show you guys a whole series but we want to make sure that we’re doing it properly,” he added.

Andy’s own restaurants have also been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic as he’s had to shut down numerous establishments and lay off 230 staff members.

He told us that it’s been a really tough time recently and having to let his staff go has been incredibly heartbreaking.


Hear more from our chat with Andy Allen from Masterchef in the podcast below!

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