In the world of reality TV, there is one star we’ve ALL come to love over the years… Poh Ling Yeow!

The famous cook first rose to fame on the first season of Masterchef in 2009 and has since gone on to become a household name. She’s had not one but two TV series, books, a cafe and has been nominated for a Logie.

Now, she’s returned to the big stage on Masterchef: Back To Win, an all-stars edition of the popular TV show where it all started. She’s already made a huge splash and people are on the edge of their seat watching her compete for the title that slipped from her hands.

Soon after the show kicked off, fans have since made a discovery about her that has shaken them to their core – and it’s about her age.

It turns out Poh is 47 years old!!! OH MY GOD!


I mean, this isn’t fair!!

Please Poh, share your secrets!!!!

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