In the biggest travesty to occur on The Bachelor Australia since they cast The Honey Badger as the main man, ultimate queen of the Bachie mansion and all round legend Mary was sent packing in last night’s episode.

Our Bachelor Matt Agnew was forced to send two girls home last night during the rose ceremony, and after failing to secure a single date, it was Mary and Nichole that got the boot.

But despite failing to find love with Matt, Mary certainly won over the hearts of Australia throughout her time on the show.

Her commentary and savage liners quickly became iconic and are honestly what kept us watching TBH and we feel devastated to keep watching next week without her quick wit.


Basically, Mary is the queen and we all bow down to her.

So of course we expected that as soon as she re-entered the outside world, that Mary would be snatched up pretty quickly by another worthy man. But it turns out, she’s still single!

Mary spoke with Kyle and Jackie O this morning following her eviction, telling us that she hasn’t actually dated anyone since The Bachelor and is ready to get back out there.

“Actually today I’m going to go back on Tinder or Hinge or whatever dating websites to see if I can get a date,” Mary told us. “I haven’t been on a date for a while.

“So you haven’t dated since the show?” Kyle asked. “That’s no good Mary.”


“Exactly. Do you have a brother?” Mary asked, probably as a joke.

But of course as it turns out, Kyle does have a brother! And he’s single!

“I do. I do have a single brother,” Kyle said.

“Okay how old is he? You gonna set me up?” Mary replied.

“He’s 44, he’s covered in tatts, he’s 6 foot 2,” Kyle described.

“That’s great, that’s it we’re going to go out,” Mary laughed.


Well looks like Chris Sandilands has scored himself a date without even realising it. Who knows, maybe Mary won’t remain single for too much longer!

Hear our full chat with Mary in the video above!