There was no time to recover from last night’s bananas Commitment Ceremony, where the Sam and Ines shitstorm affair was spilled and Cyrell’s subsequent unleashing on the pair won Australia’s hearts.

But really, it’s the Married At First Sight promo department that are last night’s quiet achievers… just as we were getting ready to sink our collective teeth into 60 Minutes’ report on Michael Jackson’s maid, we learned why this show hasn’t peaked yet.

It involves Dino, Mel and an accusation that he secretly recorded her.

Melissa Lucarelli spoke to Paul & Lise on Monday… and really, she pretty much had no filter.

What was Ines really like?

“Ines, in a group situation… she was so quiet, she would hardly say a word, she didn’t really talk or socialise with any of us,” Mel told Paul & Lise.

“Just so everyone’s aware, we are watching it in the same time as you guys are… we have no idea what’s going to be shown”


“What she was saying to the camera, watching her and Sam, has blown my head off”

Can you change your Stay or Leave answer?

“It seemed odd to us that Bronson was unaware of the fact that Ines was doing the dirty behind his back,” Paul asked Mel. “To him it looked great, she says she wants to leave and suddenly Bronson wants to leave.”

Mel then admitted that Ines had told Bronson that she was going to leave, was that on?

“Well nah, we didn’t really see that, no,” Paul replied.

Mel then said that you don’t get that opportunity.


“You don’t get to change your card, so I think that she told him that she wanted to leave.”

What’s the deal with Dino recording you?

“We’re being told that Dino recorded a conversation you had with your sister on the phone,” Paul put to Mel.

“Yeah, so, correct, yeah, he umm, yeah, he, yeah,” she said.

“He was secretly recording me, there was just no excuse for that and it’s creepy AF.”

Lise, however, said that Mel was on a reality TV show and that she was being recorded all the time.


“So, what’s the difference between Dino recording you and the cameras recording you?”

Mel said that when they get filmed, it’s not Big Brother.

“There’s not cameras 24/7,” she said. “When we’re getting filmed, we know we’re getting filmed.”

“He [Dino] was secretly recording my conversations, the only way I found out about that was when I caught him recording a conversation between us when he was kind of gaslighting me.”

“He was sending it to people.”

Creepy AF indeed.


Of course we’ll be watching.

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