We’re currently sitting through the final vows section of this season of Married At First Sight.

And while we’re still trying to stop our happy tears from rolling out after watching our fav couple Jules and Cam get engaged last night, we’re kinda wanting to fast forward through this portion of the experiment and move on to the reunion.

We don’t really need the ads to know that bringing together every single contestant, both those that are still together and those that aren’t, from this season is going to be insanely juicy.

But regardless, the current ad really does paint a vivid picture of what’s to come.

We’ve already reported that cyclone Cyrell throws a glass of red wine over Martha’s white dress during an apparent argument.

But now we’re getting reports that this isn’t the only somewhat physical fight that breaks out during the reunion!


According to OK Magazine and WHO, two grooms are expected to actually come to blows during a physical confrontation.

“There’s a war of words that leaves two grooms needing to be physically separated by producers,” said a source to OK Magazine.

No word on who the fight is between or what they’re fighting about, but when we think about it a few possibilities do come to mind:

1. Bronson and Sam over the season’s first cheating scandal with Ines

2. Mick and Dan over the most recent cheating scandal with Jess


3. Mike and Dan over Mike’s apparent hatred for Jess

No matter who is involved in the alleged fist fight, we have no doubt that this reunion special is going to be bigger and better than anything we’ve seen yet on this season.

It kicks off next Sunday at 7PM in a two part episode.

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