So last we checked, Sam Ball, AKA the new Dean from this season of Married At First Sight, was in a relationship with fellow couple-swapper Ines Basic after leaving their partners, Elizabeth and Bronson, for each other. 

But now we’re feeling SUPER CONFUSED after a woman has come out claiming to be his current girlfriend and she’s got a LOT to say about this whole MAFS cheating scandal. 

Last night on MAFS we saw the beginning of Sam and Ines’ fling, after the pair met up in her apartment following a series of messages between them.

Not only that, but just a few days ago the pair featured in a photo shoot with NW Magazine that basically announced that they were head over heels for each other.

But it turns out that’s not at all the case after a woman named Akila Ahmunett broke her silence, claiming that her and Sam are “in love” and have been together for over two months.


No doubt Channel Nine is in freak out mode right now as their cheating scandal between Sam and Ines has been completely blown out of the water after Akila opened up to Who Magazine.

She told the publication that Sam doesn’t end up with his TV wife Elizabeth, or his TV piece on the side Ines on Married At First Sight and is dating her instead.

Akila claimed that she has known Sam since January last year but the pair didn’t start up a relationship until December 3rd.

She says that she spent New Year’s Eve with Sam and that they have already said ‘I love you’ to each other, despite the fact that at the time, Sam was technically still contracted to the MAFS experiment.

But if that revelation shocked you, just what until you hear what she spilled next. Akila also claimed that the “affair” storyline between Sam and Ines was completely staged by producers.


“At the time he didn’t know Ines at all so he just did what producers wanted, but I know that he is very embarrassed and regretful of it all now,” she claimed.

An affair between Sam and Ines was rumoured from the beginning of the season after both were unhappy with the people they had been paired with.

This secret romance eventually aired on TV this week, but if Akila’s accusations are anything to go by it’s nothing but a play for drama by producers.

Sam and Akila have been pictured numerous times on social media together in recent months and are also labelled as “in a relationship” together on a secret Facebook account believed to be owned by Sam, that goes by the name Roman Winston, according to Daily Mail.

So now we really don’t know what to believe… But hey we can’t be too surprised that things didn’t actually work out between Sam and Ines…That girl’s a piece of work!


Married At First Sight continues tonight at 7:30pm on Channel Nine.