Tensions hit boiling point last night on ‘Married At First Sight’ with the show’s most controversial couple throwing insults and profanities at each other. 

Bronson and his TV wife’s marriage has been a train wreck since Ines reacted aggressively to his eyebrow ring the first time he saw her. From there it has gone from bad to worse after Ines accused Bronson of being the ‘bottom of the barrel’ for his past career as a stripper, and screaming at him to ‘shut the f…. up’.

After bottling up his anger for what felt like an eternity, Bronson unleashed a series of C-bombs in front of Ines by swearing about her to the experts.

Despite this, Bronson made the decision to give their relationship a second chance.

While Australia was simultaneously gasping over the result, it may not have been Bronson’s actual decision after all. 


According to 2018 MAFS star Nasser Sultan, contestants arrive at 4pm in the afternoon for the commitment ceremony, and are put into a holding pen by themselves for 3-4 hours. They are prohibited from mixing with anybody, especially their bride or groom. After 6pm, they are asked to write their decision for the producers. If the producers don’t want you to leave, they will confront you and bluntly advise you not to leave, and that the audience is ‘loving’ you.

“He’s only stayed either because producers told him to stay or he wants more air time. There’s no reason for this guy to stay,” Nasser told KIIS’ Jase & PJ this morning. 

But, is there a cash incentive?

“No cash at all, they just convince [them] to stay by saying: ‘this is great’, ‘give it another shot’ or ‘I know you’ve been hard done by but if you leave now you’ll look like an idiot in front of Australia,'” he revealed.


“But you know automatically that they hate each other… and to make people stay is really unfair.”

Over the past fortnight, Ines and Bronson’s relationship has been a talking point for most Australians. The most controversial participants of reality shows are crucial to the suspense and drama of the program, and ultimately, the show’s ratings. 


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