He’s one of the more sensitive characters in this season’s Married At First Sight, and it appears Matthew Bennett hasn’t changed whatsoever since auditioning for the controversial show. 

During his taped audition, the 29-year-old opens up about being an “adult virgin” and his desire to build character and confidence. 

“It was never a conscious choice to still be a virgin at 29,” he confessed. 

Matthew admitted that being a 29-year-old virgin was “an unfortunate side effect of me [blocking] myself from any sort of vulnerability, being social and dating.”

His reasoning behind auditioning for the show stems back to his thirst for confidence. 

“[MAFS] terrifies me and it’s only something I’ve recently learnt that the more something terrifies me the more important it is that I have to do it,” he said. “If I can face this, there’s nothing that can hurt me basically.”

On Talking Married, Matthew revealed that he regrets what happened with Lauren at the dinner party. 


“That’s not the way anyone should find out about that,” he said before explaining his disappointment at Lauren accusing him of “using” her to lose his virginity. 

“I can understand she was saying it from a place of hurt but it seemed a little weird that given my issues – my phobias my fears, my anxieties – why would I get married on national television just to lose my virginity? Surely there’s easier ways to do that.”


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