Married At First Sight’s Ines has revealed she’s boycotting the explosive reunion finale tonight. 

In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, she revealed that it’s too “unhealthy” to rewatch the drama of the show, and insists she’s “moved on” from the show and her former co-stars. 

“I doubt I’m going to watch the reunion. It was so long ago,” the 29-year-old legal assistant told the publication.

“I’m so friendly – I don’t hold grudges, life is way too short. It’s unhealthy for your heart. I don’t think about Elizabeth or the show or anyone from it. I’ve moved on.”

Ines added: “I wish everyone the best in life but I’m well past it.”

She also explained that she “fully hates” the exposure that comes with the reality show, including the need to constantly update her Instagram. 


“Before the show I would post one photo online a month. I’m not even large on the Instagram scene. It was annoying having to post MAFS content.”

“I think something needs to be done about online bullying, it’s really sad. I don’t read comments but sometimes I stumble upon something,” she said.

‘It’s really mean. I just would never comment on someone’s life story and I definitely wouldn’t leave ugly comments on their page… Some of it is so nasty I feel sad that my mum has to see it.”

Married At First Sight’s final episode airs tonight at 7:30PM on Channel Nine.


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