They proved to be one of the most successful Married At First Sight couples in the show’s history, but it appears life on the outside is a bit more difficult for Jules and Cam than previously anticipated.

Woman’s Day report there were whispers that Jules had been involved in lesbian relationships in the past, but it was never addressed on the show. 

In an interview with the publication, a source close to Jules reveals that one of her former girlfriends is back in her life, leaving Cam shocked.


The ex-cricketer was shocked to find out that Sydney-based events manager Renee Schembri was invited to their engagement party without him knowing her past.

“He only knew her as an old friend of Jules,” says the source.

“He had no idea this was her fling, and it didn’t sit well with him. I think he would have just liked a heads-up!”

Another source has revealed to the publication that the 36-year-old had dated women while living in the UK, and began seeing Renee in 2007. 

Renee is currently in a committed long-term lesbian relationship, but that didn’t stop Jules from inviting her to her engagement party. 

“She’s remained good pals with Renee,” says the source.


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