We’re all waiting patiently for Sunday night to arrive so that we can watch on as Jessika Power and Daniel Webb’s long-running affair is finally exposed to the other contestants on Married At First Sight.

But while things might only just be getting started between Jess and Dan onscreen, according to some new rumours their relationship might just be getting VERY serious in the real world.

It’s been a number of months now since the filming of MAFS ended and it’s assumed that Jess and Dan have remained a couple during this time as they’ve been spotted getting cosy on numerous dates on the Gold Coast in recent weeks.

And now a rumour is circulating that Jess might actually be pregnant with Dan’s baby!

While some source have been saying that recent photos of the reality TV star have shown her cupping her belly, the piece of evidence that everyone’s talking about came directly from the horses mouth!

During an interview with Nine’s Talking Married following Wednesday’s explosive dinner party episode, spoke about how embarrassed she had been by her behaviour towards her onscreen husband Mick and Dan’s onscreen wife Tamara during the whole cheating scandal.


“I was absolutely trash! I trashed girl code and I was disgusting,” Jessika told the panel.

It was one little detail here that people have picked up on that seemed a little suspect…

“Watching it back, I cringe and I hope my daughter never sees this,” Jess continued.

Umm was that you telling everyone that you’re pregnant Jess?

Of course it’s highly possible that she could be speaking hypothetically about her future child, but it does call to question, why would she use the word daughter instead of child?


It’s all rumours at this point but it has been made obvious that Jessika is keen on starting a family.

“I love children and have always wanted them in my life,” Jessika said to TV WEEK. “I don’t want to spend weekends partying – I’d be happy to be at playgroup and swimming lessons.”

You’d think that Jess and Dan would want to take things slow following their whirlwind romance on MAFS, but who knows. We guess we’ll just have to wait and see if there’s any truth to it!

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