Married At First Sight’s Jess has had an interesting roller coaster ride on the show. 

First the ladies of Australia fell in love with her brother at her wedding… (What an attention stealer!) 

Then her hubby kissed her while he still literally had egg on his face, which made her go running towards two other grooms. 

And even Jess cringed as she watched back THAT dinner party where she admitted to having feelings with Nic, then after being shot down turned her attention (not so subtly) to new man Dan. 

So how is she dealing with her newfound 15 minutes of fame and the absolute raft of criticism being mounted on her by the public? 


“I’m fine – I’m so fine. My family are like are you sure you’re fine. I am copping it at the minute, I’m not going to lie,” she divulged to Bianca, Mike and Bob. 

“I prepared myself mentally for that, I was expecting it but I’ve been keeping busy and surrounding myself with my family and my friends.

“I stay off the internet. I stay off the internet and don’t read the comments.”

One thing she did sneak into the interview was about the editing of the show and how they made her out to be a woman on the prowl and it all being one sided. 

Apparently not so – and considering Jess and Dan have been spotted out and about getting cosy we can’t help but think she’s telling the truth.

“They don’t see a lot of what Dan was saying to me – it wasn’t as one sided as it seemed,” she said. 


The biggest bombshell she shared, however, was not just about the editing but actual fake lies that happen in post production. 

And it makes us wonder, how far into the editing process are the expert segments filmed or are they even re-filmed as the show progresses… 

We spoke to Jess about her ever changing nail polish between her big boozy night and the apparent next morning – I mean we would have major respect for the girl if she could take off her fake nails and perfectly paint and reshape her nails a fire engine read, all while completely intoxicated.

“There also is a clip somewhere where the experts are there saying ‘there needs to be some boundaries with Jess’,” she told us. 

“But if you actually have a look at that, John’s mouth very clearly says ‘Dan’ and ‘Jess’ has been put over the top of it!”

And if you watch the video above it becomes VERY clear… 


We know we’re watching a very formulaic reality tv show with people clearly in it for attention… But this just takes it to a new level! 

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