It’s never been done before, and we have to admit it doesn’t reaaaaallly make too much sense for the show, but it seems that Married At First Sight is following in the footsteps of The Bachelor franchise and are about to bring in some intruders!

While the first few weeks have already shown that this season of MAFS has an explosive cast, it seems producers are going to make things even MORE dramatic with four new brides and grooms set to join the original group.

At this point we don’t really know much about what role the intruders will serve – meaning whether they will marry one another and just join the experiment late, or whether they will be able to break up current relationships to form new ones.

(Although our guess is the former – the whole point of being “married” is to be committed to your original partner.)

But what we do know is who they’re rumoured to be! And we know that you just can’t help yourself but have a little glimpse at the people about to shake up this experiment.

Find the people rumoured to be your new bride’s and grooms below!



First up is the Sam lookalike (seriously the likeness is uncanny), Billy. He’s a Queensland local and an aspiring model, actor and body-builder.

His good looks are no doubt going to leave the women going crazy – and by that we mean look out Billy, Ines the husband-swapper is probably heading your way (and she’s definitely got a lot of crazy going on).


Woman’s Day are reporting that this blonde bombshell will also enter the experiment late! Susie is a mum-of-one from Brisbane who’s no stranger to a selfie according to her Instagram page.


Daniel is also a single parent to a young son, from the Gold Coast in Queensland. He’s a former rugby player turned businessman who’s sure to get the ladies excited with his rugged good looks!



Move over Ines, there’s a new brunette in town! Melbourne-based Tamara is the one we know the least about but according to Woman’s Day she loves a Bikini Selfie and a luxury holiday.

Something tells us the drama will follow this one!

Now unfortunately their Instagram accounts are currently on private, we’re guessing because they’re in lockdown, so we have no photos to share, but you can see what they look like here.

No word yet on when the new singles will enter the experiment, but we sure as heck can’t wait.

Married At First Sight continues tonight at 7:30PM on Channel Nine.

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