Every year following the airing of hit reality show Married At First Sight, we here the horrific details about contestants copping hate online from bullies and trolls.

At times, it even gets to the point where contestants are sent death threats, which is something we heard of far too often from this year’s incredibly explosive season.

But it’s not very often that we hear details about contestants claiming that the producers, the people placed in charge of the contestants and their wellbeing during filming, are part of the problem.

This is something that was discussed during an intense interview on seven’s Sunday Night program last night with former MAFS contestant Clare Verrall.

Clare, who had appeared on season two of the show in 2016, accused the producers on the show of bullying, manipulation, selective editing and of having a lack of duty of care for contestants.

She claimed that as a result, she was left feeling depressed, anxious and even suicidal following her time on the show.

The idea that producers overstep their boundaries on MAFS and at times force contestants to do or say things that they don’t really want to, was also a sentiment exposed by season six contestant Lauren Huntress on the Kyle and Jackie O show.


She accused producers of manipulating her admissions about her sexuality and forcing her to say certain things on camera.

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And now, fellow season six contestant, and a controversial one at that, Ines Basic has come forward to reiterate the same thing in a tell-all interview.


Having mostly avoided speaking with the media following her time on MAFS, Ines joined Kyle and Jackie O this morning to expose just how bad it could get on set with the producers controlling their every move.

Ines revealed that when producers tell you to do something, “you don’t have an option”.


As a result, she was forced to film for the show after experiencing a massive loss in her life, was made to stay on the show when she wanted to leave and was encouraged to pursue Sam even though she got an “off” vibe from him.

Ines also spoke about the hate that she’s received since appearing on the show, how her affair with Sam really began and even revealed that other guys on the show approached her for a relationship.

Hear our full interview with Ines Basic in the video above!

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