Turns out two of the big reality dating shows out there have very different approaches when it comes to dealing with contestants having sex.

We previously heard on the Kyle and Jackie O show while chatting with Bachelor In Paradise contestant Alisha that before anyone can get down and dirty on the Channel Ten program, they have to be filmed on camera giving consent.

While it’s a bit of a mood killer, Alisha said that it requirement as part for the duty of care that producers have for the contestants.

“If they see you get too hot and heavy they will interrupt,” Alisha aid to us. “And it’s good. It’s a duty of care. I think it’s a good rule to have.”

But it seems that Channel 9’s Married At First Sight has a different approach.

Kyle and Jackie O were chatting with season six contestant Ines Basic, when Jackie asked her if they had this same rule before MAFS contestants can have sex.

Ines said that they don’t but they are still very considerate when it comes to protection. In fact, she claimed that producers would leave boxes of condoms in their rooms.


“Are you guys in the same situation with the Bachelor In Paradise contestants where if you do want to have sex you have to say it on air beforehand that you consent to it?” Jackie asked.

“Um, no not that I’m aware of,” Ines said.

“You just get, people leave like condoms in the room… Yeah a 24 party mix! It’s like a 24 pack of condoms.” 

While Ines didn’t get close enough with her actual husband on the show, Bronson, to use this ugh, supply, as we all know Ines spent a pretty wild night with Elizabeth’s husband Sam Ball.

What was shown on screen was Ines going back to Sam’s room for a pretty wild makeup sesh (we still haven’t recovered from when he picked her up and literally threw her on the bed) before it cut to the next morning of the pair lying in bed in their underwear.

Kyle and Jackie O wanted to know how much of this scene was staged by producers. But Ines reassured us that this one was all her.


“Is that a choreographed scene or did that just happen naturally?” Jackie asked.

“No I’m a hoe,” Ines began. “So I was so down for it. Like I was keen [for it] to be a full on porno. I was all about it.”

“You would let them film that?” Kyle asked.

“Yeah well, I was like, we’re on reality TV let’s just make it as real as possible,” Ines replied.

Wow she’s certainly more loose than we ever even imagined!

Hear our full interview with Ines Basic here!

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