If you were feeling riled up following the first commitment ceremony on this season of Married At First Sight after one of the experts went to town on Bronson for swearing at his partner Ines, then this is sure to make your blood boil.

In case you missed it, Ines has been absolutely DESTROYING Bronson for everything he does, says or wears so far on MAFS and while he’s kept his cool most of the time, during the commitment ceremony he finally snapped and used the C-bomb to describe his wife’s behaviour.

One expert, Mel Schilling, reprimanded Bronson immediately but said nothing to Ines about some of the horrific things she’s said about her onscreen hubby, leading for a legit petition to be created for Mel to be sacked.

But it turns out that the opinion of viewers isn’t going to stop the experts from trying to show us that Ines apparently has a softer side (deep, deep, DEEP down below all the viciousness).



Speaking with News.com.au Mel and fellow expert John Aitken have revealed their views on this season’s resident villain, saying that they don’t think she realises how harsh she’s being.

“I think if you watch her closely you can see, it’s almost like she has remorse after she makes a really harsh comment,” revealed Mel.

(Umm did anyone else see a hint of remorse when she told poor ol’ Bronson that she didn’t want him to f*cking touch her” or to “shut the f*ck up”? No? Just Mel? Okay then moving on…)

“I haven’t asked her this but it’s almost like she is saying to herself, ‘Oh it’s too late, I’ve gone down this road and I have to keep going’, so I don’t think she is as harsh as people are perceiving, but that’s what they are seeing.”


John agreed with his fellow expert, saying that he feels the public needs to take into account that Ines had a pretty harsh upbringing.


“When I spoke to her, what I saw is a woman who has come from a pretty traumatic upbringing from war-torn Bosnia, so you have walls up and she’s very resilient, very independent,” he said.

(Yeah um, John, Bronson also had a pretty ordinary upbringing after his mum and two brothers died very suddenly…And you don’t see him being a total asshole now do you?)

We’ll just sit here patiently waiting for a petition to surface to get new experts altogether…

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