This season of MAFS is the gift that just keeps giving!

The hit show may have ended last night but one of the stars, Billy Vincent, has revealed that he actually hooked up with one of the other brides!

So, who was it that he hooked up with?

It was none other than Lauren Huntriss.

Yep, Lauren who was ‘married’ to 29-year-old Matthew who was known for entering the show as a virgin.

‘You didn’t see me and Lauren having a bit of a flirt there, I think that she’s a lovely girl and she got a bit of a raw end of the stick as well,’ he revealed yesterday. 

When pressed on whether they had actually hooked up, Billy replied:


‘It could’ve happened. It could’ve happened. She’s a sweetheart, hey.’

‘Me and Loz had a brief thing. We live a distance from one another but we have awesome banter. She really helped me through some tough times.’ 

‘We’re not together or anything like that, I’ve got to decompress from the whole show.’

Whoa boy!

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