When Chris Gayle, a West Indies cricketer took the opportunity to interview with Mel McLaughlin, a well-versed Channel 10 reporter, he made sure to make the most of his time.

In an act that’s been described as “unprofessional” and “offensive”, he told her that he’d been wanting to have an interview with her.

He then described getting to ‘see her eyes for the first time’ and ‘hoped that they would win and they could go for a drink after.

When she looked uncomfortable, he said, “don’t blush baby.” Not okay, right? Well, many other thought so too, as the Melbourne Renegades announced that Gayle had been slapped with a $10,000 fine, that would be donated straight to the McGrath Foundation in recognition of Jane McGrath Day at the SCG.

However, he would not be suspended from playing. Now, many people have been bringing up earlier instances where the same thing happened but the roles were reversed.

Is it more acceptable if it’s a man being flirted with by a woman? That was the case for professional tennis player Maria Sharapova, when Aussie journalist Lachlan Wills caught her eye.


She visibly gets distracted and then comments on his ‘form’.

She doesn’t ask him out, she doesn’t refer to him as ‘baby’ – but is it really more acceptable?

Remember when Sunrise weather presenter Nuala Hafner asked a strapping beachgoer if he was single live on air? Funny? yes, very different from what Chris Gayle did? You decide.

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