“Hello, my name is Margot can I come visit your sets?”

Margot Robbie has shared that she wrote an ‘old-fashioned’ ‘pen-and-paper’ letter to Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino in hopes of being cast in one of his films.

Her penmanship must have impressed Mr Tarantino as this ultimately led to her winning a Role in the latest Tarantino blockbuster, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Tarantino revealed that he was in the final stages of script development and was keen on Robbie to play Tate in the film when her letter arrived.

Robbie explained that she had always wanted to work with Tarantino, but didn’t feel she could approach him early in her career:


“I had wanted to write the letter for years and years and years. Because I’d heard you were going to do 10 movies and I couldn’t bear the thought I would miss the boat and never see what one of your film sets was like: I needed to figure out a way to get on to set. Maybe I could even hold a door in the back of a scene. But at the same time I wasn’t really in the right position to reach out to Quentin Tarantino and say: ‘Hello, my name is Margot and can I come visit your sets?’”

Robbie continued, “I remember agonising over everything – the paper, the pen, how I was going to write it – big, small, spaced out. Then, of course, I thought you might not be able to get the letter anyway, so I should stop freaking out so much, and then I just wrote the goddamn thing and prayed that somehow it would get to you, and it did. A couple of weeks later I remember getting the phone call saying: ‘Quentin got your letter and he’d really like to meet up.’”

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