Ukrainian man, Valery Smaglily, 58, has grown incredibly long eyelashes in a bid to get in the Guinness Book of Records. He says the secret to his success is all from eating this one particular food, which he is not willing to reveal. 

Valery has decided that after he has them officially measured he will have them cut back to a normal length, as he is sick of the attention he gets from women! 

“Women would stop me in the street and ask me what the secret was, they can see that they are real and not fake. But to be honest they are just heavy now and my eyelids are getting sore.

“And it’s also difficult to see properly with huge grey eyelashes in front of my eye.”

Valery is confident he will probably make the European record, however not the world record. 

So far the longest eyelash on record is measured at 7.99cm. 


He said: “I suppose I could go for the world record, but to be honest what’s the point?

“I prefer to be able to see better and I plan to get them cut in a professional salon so I reckon they will still look pretty good afterwards.”

Source: Mirror

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