Christina Topacio is a blogger and marketing professional in Los, Angeles, USA, and going by her website – she’s pretty darn amazing.

She shared a message she received on her Facebook from a man in her online community – they had never met in person before.

But that didn’t stop him from sending the following messages to her.

It starts off with a very lovely message, telling her how wonderful she is and how he would “seriously consider” dating her.

Aw, bless.

“… you are so beautiful,” he said.


“Your personality is so hilarious. I can tell youre witty. I can tell your smart. I can tell your just pure fun and comedy.”

“I would seriously consider dating you.”

And then comes the BUT…

“… ot f***ing kills me to say this… And it’s nothing you don’t already know. And I’m positive you’ve thought about it. And I’m only telling you this because I want it to effect a change,” he wrote.

“You need to f***ing lose weight. It kills me.”


After he dropped that BOMB of an insult on her, we expected something a little explosive back – but she handled it like a lady, writing: “Thanks for your feedback.”

He then proceeds to dig himself a little deeper confirming himself as a “superficial a**hole”.

But this is the response we loved.

She sent him a pic of herself looking effortlessly gorgeous in a loose white button-up, chowing down on a plate of nachos.


She posted the series to her Twitter followers, too.

She’s got sass, this one. And we loved her dignified response.

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