When 55-year-old man Costica Maroleanu awoke from his surgery to treat his kidney failure, he had no idea what had happened to him.

The surgey had gone fine, but a faulty catheter procedure reportedly caused an infection that landed him in some hot water.

The infection had gotten so bad, that the doctors made the hard decision to amputate his penis.

“After the operation they told me there were some complications. Apparently the nurse had not properly fitted a small plastic pipe to help me urinate, and my penis became red and infected.
‘I was moved to intensive care and four days later was moved to the nephrology department where they took a sample, but then they just left me there for 10 days. Eventually they did an operation, but then doctor went on holiday.’

If you have a weak stomach, you may not want to read about the description of what happened to him…

“The foreskin was stripped away completely and most of the cells in the organ were dead,” a spokesperson said. ‘The member was black and the only remaining skin was at the base of the shaft and highly infectious. It was recommended to remove the necrotic elements, meaning amputation.”

Maroleanu is suing the hospital for upwards of 500,000 euros, citing malpractice.

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