Have you encountered the issue of not being able to find your name on a Coke bottle? Well if so, you’re not alone. 

It is evident, that there’s a long list of names which Coke fails to recognise in their campaign “Share a coke with…”

Dedicated Coke drinker, DJ Staffy, whose name is Avalon has posted a complaint on Coca Cola Nigeria’s Instagram photo which has rallied a lot of support. 

In his letter he gives the company three days to get it together and send him a “share a coke” bottle with his name on it, or else he will be tearing up his membership and going over to Pepsi.

Happy Birthday @mizz_jibbs, Coca Cola wishes you a continued life of happiness #shareacokeNG

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Read his full letter here.

The MD/CEO Coca Cola Nigeria and Worldwide


Let me start by saying a ‘Big kudos’ to your company for a fantastic idea, “Share A Coke”. It’s indeed an awesome innovation!
But then let me quickly bring to your notice that following the wonderful strategy of share a coke, collect a coke or buy a coke, whatever name you call it. Where someone’s name is written on the (plastic) Coke bottle or Can.

I have noticed with total dismay that ‘Nobody Has Shared or Bought any form or shape of Coke for me’! And this is because, according to my little research, your company hasn’t deemed it fit to include my name, Avalon, on your ‘Share A Coke’ production plans. This is grossly unacceptable! Considering the fact that i own several t-shirts with an inscription of the above brand and I am a bonafide card carrying member of the Coca Cola drinking family, because I have been drinking Coke since I was born. This thing is painful!

Having presented this case of deliberate exclusion of my name from the ‘Share A Coke’ strategy which has denied me of my ‘Customer and Membership Right’ respectively, I would like to use this medium to request at this point, that your company should, as a matter of urgency, produce some bottles of Coke with my name, boldly written on it “AVALON”, in whatever shape or size, so that people can share at least a bottle of Coke with me occasionally, if not daily.

Please, kindly note that if after 3days from the day this letter must have gotten to you, and I’m yet to see anybody share a coke with me, I’ll publicly tear my Coca Cola membership card and make sure I invite ChannelsTv to cover it, then I and my family, relatives and anybody that knows me will stop drinking Coca Cola no matter how many times your advert plays on TV/Radio.
Thanks as I anticipate your timely response.
Yours faithfully,

Apparently Coke is taking the complaint very seriously and will be shipping Avalon his special edition Coke bottle out to him soon! 

Unique named people have got to unite!


Source: Metro

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