A New Zealand copywriter who took a clown to a redundancy meeting as his support person has been labelled a hero on social media.

Josh Thompson, who posts on Facebook as Joshua Jack, wrote on Friday, “A while ago, I got a job. A short while later, I lost it.

“For anyone who hasn’t been fired, what happens is they schedule a serious meeting and advise you to bring a ‘support person’.”

In anticipation of the bad news he decided he needed “the best support person available” and hired a clown.

He told local news portal Newshub the clown blew up balloons and folded them noisily into a series of animals including a unicorn and a poodle during the meeting.

When the redundancy paperwork was handed over to the staffer the clown mimed tears, it was understood.


His unusual support worker earned him praise on social media where he was called cheeky, inspiring and a hero.

The advertising agency that the man worked for told the newspaper that is had a policy of not commenting on individual employment matters out of respect for those involved.

Thompson seems to have landed on his feet and will start a new role at an Australian ad agency next week.


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