In our opinion, things got a little bit icky during the MAFS dinner party on Wednesday when grooms Michael and Josh kept insinuating that Aleks was lying about her sex life with her onscreen husband Ivan.

As viewers we were like, why do these grown men care if Aleks slept with Ivan or not? And why won’t they let it go when she’s asking them to? It was a bit gross.

But then came a revelation that no one saw coming, Josh and Michael claimed that Ivan was the one that actually put them up to it, claiming that he needed them to ask about their sex life in front of everyone to prove that Aleks did have a romantic connection with him.

Ivan denied this during the episode and it was then fellow bride Connie that suggested that maybe Ivan had intentionally set up Josh and Michael to take the fall so that he could look like a hero.

So is this really how it all happened? Ivan joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning when he told us flat out, no, he had nothing to do with the question being asked at the dinner table.


He told us that while both he and Aleks had discussed their intimacy with Michael and Josh before, the suggestion that he asked them to bring it up at the dinner party was completely out of context.

“Did you tell the boys Ivan to bring it up?” Jackie asked.

“Absolutely not,” Ivan said. “It was taken out of context.

“I mean Aleks has had private, closed door conversations with people about certain elements of our intimate life… Just behind closed door convos… Alex and Michael has been privy to the conversation and Aleks and Josh for example.

“Michael just took that upon himself to come out and start like geeing it up and I guess heightening it a little bit.”

Ivan also explained that he had confided in Josh that he was feeling like Aleks may have lost interest in him or didn’t find him attractive anymore.


While Ivan claims he was only going to Josh for friendly advice on the matter, he thinks that somehow Josh became confused with just how much help he wanted from him.

“There’s obviously still that question of, ‘Did I dog the boys?’, right?” Ivan asked.

“Josh is a good guy but I think you’ll find with Joshy in coming days, he was succumbed to easy manipulation.

“Michael was the one that brought things up first. I did have a chat with Joshy in the background before this, and I said, ‘Joshy I’m a bit worried man’ and people are saying, ‘You don’t deserve to be treated like this’ and ’How can she change her mind overnight?’ and making elaborate assumptions.


“What they don’t know is there was a lot of pressure on Aleks… Lots of factors and people don’t understand what the poor girl was going through,” he continued.

“So when it comes to Joshy, I’d said to him, ‘Mate this girl might have a crack at me about, she’s not attracted to me, it’s not working, whatever. You’ve had conversations with her that suggest otherwise regarding our intimacy’.

“But I certainly didn’t say, come out at the dinner party and dinner table and tell everyone that we’re banging and stuff. No way, now way. That wasn’t my message, it was misconstrued.”

Ivan also said that you can see in the episode that as soon as Josh and Michael brought up the suggestion that he and Aleks had slept together, he shut it down multiple times and tried to get them to stop.

“Guys I tried to shut it down when it happened. That’s proof enough,” Ivan added.

There really is a lot of he said, she said going on in MAFS at the moment. We can barely keep up with it all!



You can hear more from our chat with Ivan and Aleks in the podcast below!

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