We heard word that something was set to go down between Hayley and Liz on Married at First Sight at this season’s girls night, but now we’re finally getting some more details as to what actually goes down between these two!

Returnee bride Elizabeth Sobinoff has opened up to TV week about the explosive blow up that she had with Hayley, who returns to the show specifically for the night out.

Liz has said that she became angry with Hayley after hearing about her cheating scandal with Stacey’s husband Michael, given her own past MAFS history with cheating husband Sam Ball.

She told the publication that she now feels embarrassed by the way that she lashed out at Hayley and regrets her actions.

“I’m appalled at my behaviour,” Liz told TV Week.

“I’d formed a close bond with Stacey and had heard about the cheating.

“I was very protective of Stacey. Hayley was pummelling Stacey as a person. You could see Stacey was hurting. I’m there going, ‘Hang o – aren’t you the one who, while this woman was at home with her kids, decided to hook up with her partner?’.”


“I am not proud of my actions,” she added. “I was pushed to my limits.”

Apparently the argument turned into more than just words being thrown around too. Rumour has it that during the altercation a glass was smashed and Liz ended up storming off, telling producers she wouldn’t be around Hayley anymore.

Yikes sounds like things are going to get pretty nasty!

It looks like the girls and boys nights are going to air this Sunday on Married at First Sight on Channel 9 at 7pm.

We’ll certainly be tuning in for all the drama!

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