After being questioned about the credibility of her law degree by her arch nemesis Hayley Vernon, Married At First Sight’s Stacey Hampton has taken to social media to prove that she can legally practise law in South Australia. 

Uploaded to Stacey’s instagram, the images show the mother-of-two’s Bachelor of Law certificate, as well as her Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice certificate. A month after receiving the latter, she was admitted to the bar by the Supreme Court of South Australia.

The certificate, which is dated May 21st 2019, states: “Stacey Lee Hampton is duly qualified to be admitted to practise as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Court by the Supreme Court of South Australia.”

During Sunday’s episode, Hayley mocked Stacey for refusing to believe that her ‘husband’ Michael had cheated on her.


In response, Stacey yelled: “I’m a lawyer!”

Hayley laughed, saying: “Where did you get your law degree? Out of a cereal box? You’re 25 and have had two kids. Have you practiced? Please.”

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